CENTA Power Transmission



Speed-controlled centrifugal clutch with high flexibility. For zero-loss power transmission.

Combination of a highly flexible rubber element, subjected only to compressive stress, and several centrifugal weights with friction lining connected by tension springs. Thermally resistant design with precisely determinable engaging speed. Allows complete seperation of frictional connection as well as soft engaging and slip-free power transmission when reaching engagement speed. Extremely compact dimensions, additionally protects against overload.

Available in numerous standard and special designs. With flywheel connections acc. to SAE. Also available for non-standard flywheels.

torque range 0.08 to 2.5 kNm
elastic material NR
temperature range -45° to +80°C



heat resistant and unwearable friction linings
high adaptablity and flexibility


Ship propulsions:
icwater jet drives
icpumping sets

hydrostatic drives:
icwith splitter gears and various hydraulic pumps (e.g. road construction)
icconstruction devices
icEngine drives to water jets
icor to lift fans on hovercraft and aircushion catamarans

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Product Catalogs
product catalog CS-V-EN-05-17
International · 5650 kB
Produktkatalog CS-V-DE-05-17
German · 5645 kB
EC Machinery Directive
MAR declaration of incorporation D006-900
International · 28 kB
MAR Einbauerklärung D006-900
German · 29 kB
Assembly and operation instruction
M006-00001-DE (0060-00080…02500-VF/-CO/-SP/-G. /-CL
German · 1496 kB
M006-00001-EN (0060-00080…02500-VF/-CO/-SP/-G. /-CL
International · 1526 kB
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Power Transmission


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