CENTA Power Transmission



Highly flexible coupling with progressive characteristic. For heavy duty applications.

Extremely robust and fail-safe design with rubber rollers subjected only to compressive stress. Characterised by a slight stiffness at lower speeds and a moderately increased stiffness at rising torques. For smooth operation and reliable transmission over the entire high allowable energy loss. Suitable for high ambient temperatures. HD design includes oil-resistance and even higher temperature resistance.

Delivered with fail-safe device and for a variety of shaft connections. With flywheel connections acc. to SAE. Also available for non-standard flywheels.

torque range 0.25 to 15 kNm
elastic material CENTALAN / HD
temperature range CENTALAN -45° to +100°C
HD -45° to +130°C



Diesel drives for
icscrew compressors
iccentrifugal pumps
icgenerator drives

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Product Catalogs
product catalog CF-RS-E-05-08
International · 1519 kB
product catalog CF-RS-rus-04-04
International · 1778 kB
Produktkatalog CF-RS-DE-04-04
German · 1722 kB
EC Machinery Directive
MAR declaration of incorporation D026-900
International · 28 kB
MAR Einbauerklärung D026-900
German · 28 kB
Assembly and operation instruction
M026-00006-DE (026S-00094…00520)
German · 2571 kB
M026-00006-EN (026S-00094…00520)
International · 2567 kB
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Power Transmission


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