CENTA Power Transmission



Highly flexible test bed coupling for high speeds. For optimum test conditons.

Based on a highly flexible rubber element, combinable with homokinetic joints, cardan joints, slip joints etc., as demanded by test requirements. Extremely adaptable design with high torsional flexibility. Dampens torsional vibrations and shocks and compensates axial, radial and angular misalignments. Suitable for high speed ranges and long-terms tests.

Available in any length and mounting dimensions adaptable to the respective test situation. Easy mounting as slip joints and elements can be shifted in axial direction. Customised solutions for automatic docking onto combustion engines are optionally available.

torque range 0.28 to 0.45 kNm
elastic material NR
temperature range -45° to +80°C




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CENTA Power Transmission
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Power Transmission

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CENTA Transmissioner A/S

A.C. Illums Vej 5
DK-8600 Silkeborg

+45 86804033 Phone