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CENTADISC-C – a torsionally stiff light weight membrane coupling for the application in vessels, ferries and in wind energy applications where weight and alignment are of high importance. Two membranes arranged in series and combined with a fibre reinforced tube function as kinematic joint with optimum operating characteristics.
The combination with further CENTA products, cardanshafts, homokinetic joints or couplings on the other shaft end guarantees optimal adaption.

Stiff and lightweight tubes allow high bending speeds thus longer driveshafts are possible with substantially reduced bearings.
Positive fit of all components by standardized, shaft-end toothing between coupling element and tube or power unit. Easy handling and assembly due to modular design and standardization.

torque range 1 to 50 kNm
elastic material PA/GFK
temperature range -40° to +150°C



high bending speeds
low weight
maximum mounting ease
resistant to corrosion


In ship propulsion:
icbetween engine and gear or water jet (in combination with a torsional flexible coupling)
icbetween gear and water jet

iccooling towers
icwater pumps

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product catalog CD-C-EN-11-21
International · 1543 kB
Produktkatalog CD-C-DE-11-21
German · 1551 kB
EC Machinery Directive
MAR declaration of incorporation D034-900EN (standard material)
International · 28 kB
MAR declaration of incorporation D34-901EN (reinforced material)
International · 28 kB
MAR Einbauerklärung D034-900 (Standardwerkstoff)
German · 31 kB
MAR Einbauerklärung D034-901 (verstärkter Werkstoff)
German · 28 kB
Assembly and operation instruction
M034-00101-DE (034H-00000…00005-GN33 ohne Schottwanddichtung)
German · 1262 kB
M034-00101-EN (034H-00000…00005-GN33 without bulkhead seal)
International · 1255 kB
M034-00102-DE (034H-00000…00005-GN33 mit Schottwanddichtung)
German · 1374 kB
M034-00102-EN (034H-00000…00005-GN33 with bulkhead seal)
International · 1351 kB
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