CENTA Power Transmission



Torsionally high flexible coupling with linear characteristic. For applications in soft mounted drive concepts.

Ring element featuring high torsional and radial flexibility, combined with flexibility in axial and angular directions. Designed with amply dimensioned secondary inertia. With high torsional flexibility and extreme variable adaption to the individual torsional requirements by use of various degrees of Shore hardness. Dampens torsional vibrations and shocks and compensates considerable axial, radial and angular misalignments. Effectively ventilated and with high allowable energy loss.

Minimum mounting effort. Fail-safe device optionally available. With flywheel connections acc. to SAE.

torque range 1.1 to 25 kNm
elastic material NR
temperature range -45° to +80°C



ichigh speed diesel engines with SAE-flywheels

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Product catalog CX-SEC-EN-13-17
International · 5595 kB
Produktkatalog CX-SEC-DE-13-17
German · 5365 kB
EUs maskindirektiv
MAR declaration of incorporation D033-900 (CX-N)
International · 28 kB
MAR declaration of incorporation D033-901 (CX-NL)
International · 28 kB
MAR Einbauerklärung D033-900 (CX-N)
German · 28 kB
MAR Einbauerklärung D033-901 (CX-NL)
German · 28 kB
Assembly and operation instruction
M033-00002-DE (033N-00035…00075-F.00)
German · 1940 kB
M033-00002-EN (033N-00035…00075-F.00)
International · 1936 kB
M33-001-DE (CX-52…75-NLFS-300)
German · 2086 kB
M33-001-EN (CX-52…75-NLFS-300)
International · 2077 kB
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