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A coupling for diesel-driven compressor or pump drives should have one Primary feature: to be as uncompromising regarding ease in mounting as our new CENTAX-K.

The torsionally soft coupling is based on a rubber element that features high torsional flexibility and radial movability vulcanised to a glass-fibre reinforced plastic flange with an integrated hub on the output side of the KS design and a seperate hub star for the KK design. The coupling designs can be plugged in axially to ensure maximum ease in mounting. And, the design is also impressive considering its dimensions and cost.

The torsional flexibility of the CENTAX-KS dampens torsional vibrations and impacts and compensates for any axial and radial misalignments due to operation. The rubber element for this coupling is available in various designs.

torque range 0.4 to 0.8 kNm
elastic material NR / Si
temperature range NR -45° to +80°C / Si -45° to +120°C



High torsional flexibility
Compact dimensions
Maximum ease in mounting


ic Compressor drives
ic Pump drives
ic Hydrostatic drives

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product catalog CX-K-EN-03-17
International · 1166 kB
Produktkatalog CX-K-DE-03-17
German · 1197 kB
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MAR declaration of incorporation D012-902
International · 29 kB
MAR Einbauerklärung D012-902
German · 29 kB
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