CENTA Power Transmission



Torsionally highly flexible coupling with high energy loss. For drives subject to torsional vibration.

Torque transmission via a toothed outer ring onto a rubber element divided into two slim halves. With optimised higher allowable energy loss due to increased surface, reduced heat dissipation and effective ventilation. Dampens torsional vibrations and shocks and compensates axial, radial and angular misalignments. Proves superior when compared to standard double couplings by extremely compact dimensions and economic design.

Blind assembly for minimum mounting effort. With flywheel connections acc. to SAE. Also available for non-standard flywheels.

torque range 5.4 to 45 kNm
elastic material NR/CENTALAN HT
temperature range -45° to +80°C
CENTALAN HT –25° to +100°C, short term +120°C



extreme high allowable energy loss
temperature resistant
dampens vibrations and shock loads
compensates misalignments of any kind

Aree di applicazione

icgen sets or similar applications

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Info sul prodotto
product catalog CM--EN-01-17
International · 3400 kB
Produktkatalog CM-DE-02-18
German · 1525 kB
Direttiva Macchine EC
MAR declaration of incorporation D004-901
International · 28 kB
MAR Einbauerklärung D004-901
German · 29 kB
Assembly and operation instruction
M004-00011-DE (004H-05600…30000-A0../B0..)
German · 2105 kB
M004-00011-EN (004H-05600…30000-A0../B0..)
International · 2142 kB
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