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Highly flexible homokinetic drive shaft for the connection of gear and propeller shaft. For applications with considerable angular deflections.

Torque transmission via a double-cardanic drive shaft with a CV joint on one side and a highly flexible rubber element on the other. Propeller thrust transmitted to the boat hull by a self-aligning thrust bearing. Specially designed to reduce noise and vibrations. Dampens torsional vibrations and shocks, interrupts structure-borne noise and tolerates (homokinetic) angular deflections of up to 8 resp. 3 degrees. Additionally offers a high degree of electrical insulation.

Mounted with minimum effort by means of a clamping hub. Delivered with fail-safe device and to a large extent ready to install.

torque range 0.16 to 11 kNm
elastic material NR
temperature range -45° to +80°C



between engine and gear
gear and propeller shaft
water jet


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Produkt Katalog cf-marine-04-09
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EC Machinery Directive
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